What We Do

Brink Results, LLC, is a training and consulting firm that provides organizational consulting to create improvement strategies; on-site, customized training to improve productivity; educational seminars and management conferences; and books to increase knowledge of successful management ideas.

Our Purpose

The Purpose of Brink Results is to help people within organizations to improve their results.
Typically, our work with clients begins when they are on the brink of an organizational challenge and engage us to help them achieve their desired results.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to Hire Right by matching people to jobs, Train Right by giving people the tools to succeed, and Manage Right by assisting organizations to improve their results.

Hire Right

  • The first step to creating a successful organization is to hire the right people whose natural behavior traits fit the job requirements.

Train Right

  • Once people are hired who have the ability and motivation to be successful, the organization needs to then train people right to create the required skills.

Manage Right

  • People who fit the job and who are well-trained still have to be managed right. Specifically, setting goals, coaching for improvement, providing motivation, and holding people accountable are some of the many required management skills.

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