What We Teach

We Teach RIGHT Solutions

Brink Results is available to present a variety of topics for anyone involved in the hiring, training, or management of people. Our professional Speakers’ Bureau features our top-tier trainers who teach the “RIGHT” solutions for any business in these specialty areas:

  1. HIRE RIGHT. The PDP Solution.

Are you challenged right now to hire people who perform better and stay longer?

This presentation shows how these goals can be accomplished by analyzing and changing your recruiting process.

  1. TRAIN RIGHT. Connecting with The Millennial Work Force.

Have you said that the younger generation is different? You are right!

This presentation reveals key tips that can be used immediately to connect with new hires under age 39.

  1. MANAGE RIGHT. Coaching for Improved Performance.

Why are people allowed to underperform too long? People do not know how to correct the problem!

This presentation provides a simple system to work with that will get immediate results.

  1. INTERACT RIGHT: Improving Face-to-Face Interactions with Difficult Customers.

Do you dread dealing with upset customers? Almost everybody does!

This presentation gives you a simple system that can be used right away to turn around customer-conflict situations.

To schedule a complimentary presentation by a Brink Results professional, or for a customized presentation with quote, please contact Jessica Trippler at jessica.trippler@brinkresults.com.