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Meet Your Brink Results Team

Steve Gaudreau

Image: Steve Gaudreau, Brink Results President and Co-Founder. Fort Myers Florida business consulting.

Steve Gaudreau is the co-founder and President of Brink Results, LLC, which is a training and consulting firm that assists clients in obtaining measureable results in their training, hiring, and management practices.

After a 10-year career in operational and sales management, Steve became a training consultant with one of the major firms in the management development segment of the training industry. In 1992 he co-founded a training firm called POWER, Inc., and served as CEO until 2005. While at POWER, Inc., Steve developed a national reputation in a wide variety of industries and especially in the automotive after-service sector. From 2006-2011 he individually consulted, authored two industry best-selling books, and wrote dozens of columns for various business magazines. In 2012 he co-founded Brink Results with Jacquelyn Bridge, his partner in several ventures since 1992.

Jacquelyn C. Bridge

Image: Jacquelyn C. Bridge, Executive Vice-President of Brink Results. Fort Myers, FL business consulting and training.

Jacquelyn Bridge is the co-founder and Executive Vice President of Brink Results, LLC, a firm whose vision is to help transform organizational leadership and management training into bottom-line results. Jackie began her professional career as an independent consultant in the area of court-mandated mediation in the Massachusetts court system. In 1992 Jackie co-founded, with Steve Gaudreau, a training and development firm called POWER, Inc. From 1992 to 2005 Jackie managed all operations of the business as President, as well as delivering consulting in the areas of organizational communication, management assessment, and professional development. From 2006 to the present Jackie has coached business owners, executives, and managers to improve their professional effectiveness. Since 2012 and the founding of Brink Results, she has also served operationally as the Executive Vice President.

Jessica Trippler

Image: Jessica Trippler, Director of Client Services at Brink Results. Fort Myers Florida Business consulting and training.Jessica Trippler is Director of Client Services at Brink Results, LLC. She is a Certified Business Coach and Trainer with over 10 years of experience in business development, sales, and customer relations. Jessica is a strategically focused, self-motivated, and positive leader with proven performance.


Before joining the Brink Results team, Jessica was a business consultant and sales trainer with Business Performance Insights. Her proficiencies include strategic planning to increase profit margins through improved productivity and efficiency. She also helps growing companies facilitate business plans and organizational development processes to create structure.

Jessica excels at analyzing pricing and sustainability strategies, and she will recommend targeted solutions for improvement. She helps clients develop customized hiring plans and increase employee retention, using tools like behavioral profile assessments. Staff development training further enhances employee engagement, improving leadership and communication skills. To increase customer satisfaction, Jessica uses her talents as a Certified Behavior Analyst and Certified Motivator Analyst to facilitate sales and customer service training.

Jessica holds a Business Management degree from Centenary College in Hackettstown, N.J. She also attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City and Morris County College in New Jersey, focusing on fine art.

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Matthew Hord

Image: Matthew Hord, training consultant at Brink Results. Fort Myers, Florida business consulting and training.Matthew Hord serves as a Training Consultant in the areas of recruiting, systems development, production, management, and marketing at Brink Results, LLC.

Matt began his career as a management trainee at one of the largest retail chains in the United States. He utilized the training as a supervisor of an oil change facility and then for two years as a manager of a full-service car wash business.

Matt joined Brink Results early in 2013 and has quickly established himself as knowledgeable in the areas of recruiting, marketing, and train-the-trainer systems.

Matt was featured in “Car Wash Words”, a weekly blog posting from WashTrends Magazine in November of 2012 and a lead story on Increasing Sales in Slow Times from Professional Carwash & Detailing.

Matt received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in the field of Marketing from Texas Tech University in 2013.

Jonathan McCrady

Image: Jonathan McCrady, Training Consultant at Brink Results. Fort Myers, Florida business consulting and training.

Jonathan McCrady is a Training Consultant in the areas of systems development, recruiting, production, preventive maintenance, management, and train-the-trainer systems at Brink Results, LLC.

Jon started his career by accepting a commission with the Kentucky National Guard, training and leading soldiers in Infantry and Transportation operations throughout the state. In addition to regular mission training, he developed trainers for marksmanship and resiliency capacities within other units.

After duty, Jon became the Maintenance Coordinator at the largest Fuel Jobber in Western Kentucky. While there, he provided DOT compliance, leadership training, and maintenance coordination for convenience store and car wash organizations.

Jon joined Brink Results in 2015 and has quickly become one of our clients’ most respected Training Consultants in his areas of expertise.

Jon graduated from Murray State University with a degree in Leadership Development.