Our business development and consulting packages offer a wide variety of options for your organization. Brink Results can help you solve the greatest challenges within your business.

Business Coaching & Consulting

A one-day business assessment and coaching with one executive and their direct reports on how to work together more effectively.

Organizational Consulting

The most common areas of business that Brink Results is asked for organizational consulting and training services are:

New & Repeat Business Development


The purpose of this work is to help develop the organization to be able to increase customer visits and become more self-sufficient. This work will also help to increase the amount of revenue generated.


  • Provide ongoing support and development of managers and supervisors in the area of operations.
  • Provide marketing consulting for brand development, as well as increasing brand awareness.
  • Provide assistance with selection of advertising strategies, including the use of social media, as well as traditional media.

Business Growth/Expansion Training


The purpose of this work is to provide organizations with the information and training to expand their business. This growth is achieved by developing the management team, creating and installing comprehensive organizational systems, and completing a business expansion plan.


  • Interview, select, and train a new operations manager, or train the existing operations manager, and work with that manager on an ongoing basis.
  • Assist in creating a business expansion plan with site criteria, geographical targets, and timelines.
  • Facilitate the development and installation of comprehensive organizational systems, including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Customer Service Training
    • Human resource plan, including wage and salary pay systems, job descriptions, incentive programs, and organizational structural system
    • Manager’s operations manual
      • This may include, but is not limited to, opening procedures, closing procedures, reporting systems, money handling, inventory reports, etc.
    • Production Procedures
    • Production Scheduling Programs
    • Recruiting, interviewing, and selection procedures for customer service employees and managers
    • One-Week Manager Training Program
    • Customer Satisfaction And Complaint Handling Programs

Enterprise Solution (ES) Consulting Package

A 30-hour consulting package designed to provide companies with ongoing consulting over a 90-day period. This flexible package allows organizations to address concerns on a weekly or monthly basis.

Consulting can be provided as needed for ProScan survey reviews, motivation reviews, team reviews, review of potential job candidates, staff promotional opportunities, conflict resolution, staff issues, etc.