Organizational Assessments

Brink Results’ Organizational Assessments offer an unbiased, high-level view of a team, department, or organization. Our business consultants help identify factors that impact the performance of your organization and your bottom line. Areas of strengths and areas of opportunities for improvement are identified, followed by strategic recommendations to facilitate an impact organizationally.

Step 1: Consultation

The Organizational Assessment begins with a confidential consultation with an experienced Brink Results consultant to better understand an organization, its strengths, any areas for improvement, and most importantly, the particular challenges facing it at this time.

Step 2: ProScan® Survey

After the consultation, a survey called a ProScan, a non-threatening, quick, and reliable survey tool that focuses on strengths and motivators, is administered throughout the organization. ProScan reveals behavioral traits about people that are both tangible and objective, allowing employers to do what’s best for the future growth and success of their company. Once the ProScan reports are completed and returned, Brink Results will analyze the data to see if there is any correlation between behavior traits and performance.

Step 3: Collect Information

Brink Results will review any written documentation pertaining to the assessment, including current job descriptions, organizational charts, manuals, etc.

Step 4: Interviews

Next, one-on-one interviews are conducted with several representative people from each position. The purpose of the interviews is to assess the strengths within the organization. Any information obtained from the interviews that might be critical to the assessment is noted, keeping the source confidential.

Step 5: Conclusion

Lastly, Brink Results will review the data collected from the ProScans and one-on-one interviews. From this information, specific suggestions and feedback is presented to the organization along with a strategic plan to implement the desired outcomes.