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Measure, Map and Mine Your Workforce

Brink results wants to help you make better hires and retain existing employees while improving teamwork and productivity. That’s why we endorse and administer PDP Behavioral Survey Tools: a group of proven management systems for the selection, motivation, and retention of people.

ABOUT PDP: “The Science of Understanding People.”

Professional DynaMetric Programs, Inc. (PDP) offers proprietary behavioral scanning systems designed to help organizations reveal the unique ways every person on their team contributes, communicates, cooperates and interacts in order to improve the bottom line. Brink Results is proud to be a certified administrator of these invaluable management tools.

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WHAT’S IN THE TOOL BOX? ProScan® . JobScan® . TeamScan® .

JobScan® allows you to interview with confidence by creating a precision hiring process. ProScan® helps you uncover the hidden potential in each of your existing employees, resulting in increased energy and higher morale. TeamScan® enables you to build high-performance teams —fast— with real team analysis to uncover why some teams succeed and others fail.

PDP is a statistically proven system with a 96 percent accuracy rate, offering a standard of professionalism and reliability no one else can match. Hire right. Manage right. Build more effective teams through PDP surveys administered by Brink Results.

ProScan®Image: Count on ProScan reports for measuring and maximizing leadership in your organization. Brink Results, Fort Myers, FL

ProScan® is a non-threatening, quick, reliable survey tool that focuses on strengths and motivators. This helps employers create an environment that reduces employee stress while increasing energy and morale. ProScan® also reveals behavioral traits about people that are both tangible and objective, allowing employers to do what’s best for future growth and success of their company. ProScan® will begin to improve communications at all levels, allowing enhanced team interactions and communication between individuals from top to bottom. ProScan® reports measure the behavioral traits of an individual:

  • How a person functions most naturally
  • The role a person feels they need to play
  • How a person predictably comes across to others
  • A person’s satisfaction and stress levels
  • Energy resources and energy drain factors a person experiences
  • The unique decision-making style of a person

JobScan®Image: Increase the chances of a successful hire for your organization with JobScan. Brink Results, Fort Myers, FL

Turnover typically results from hiring the wrong person.  JobScan® matches individual ProScan® reports to a Job Model to help increase hiring success and decrease turnover by helping find the best matched candidates to the correct positions, creating success and productivity. When employees are matched to jobs that suit them, they are more likely to grow with and remain in the organization. A Job Model helps managers match people’s work patterns to positions, increasing hiring success and reducing turnover. A Job Model includes the following reports:

  • Job Model Reports
    • Job Dynamics Analysis
    • Job Model Data Sheet
    • Job Model Trait Intensity Chart
  • Screening Reports
    • Applicant Ranking
    • Job Matching Trait Intensity Chart
    • Job Matching Chart
    • Interviewing Guide
    • Selection/Recruiting Report

TeamScan®Image: Improve your team's culture with TeamScan. Brink Results, Fort Myers FL

TeamScan measures and defines the team’s culture, which strengthens team member understanding of one another by providing high-impact, real-time information on the group dynamics of an entire organization or within a specific team, department, or division. Through comparisons of ProScan data, TeamScan graphs composites of strengths, energy levels, points of view, communication, and work styles for the individuals in a group. TeamScan also helps reveal productivity and success components of particular teams and define corporate culture in concrete terms.

  • Organizational Statistics (OrgStats)
    • Defines characteristics of a high-performance team
    • Identifies team dynamics
    • Analyzes the effects of management styles
    • Blends corporate cultures during mergers and acquisitions
    • Manages the succession process
  • Real Team
    • Measures group characteristics
    • Sets team performance expectations
    • Assists in developing teams
    • Analyzes teams that succeed and those that fail

PDP Certification

A 2-day certification workshop trains participant(s) to become an internal expert within the company and learn how to integrate behavior and utilization of the Professional DynaMetric Programs ®.

Annual PDP Contracts

Annual contracts are available and may vary depending upon the number of ProScan surveys needed.