Recruiter Training

Because hiring, training, developing, and retaining successful employees and managers are extremely difficult tasks, it is important to have an internal evaluation system. However, before you can have an internal evaluation system you need to have a system created that will work well with recruiting new employees. Brink Results’ consultants work with companies to implement a system that will improve hiring success rate and reduce employee turnover.


The purpose of this program is to improve the recruiting, interviewing, and selection process of entry-level employees and managers, both internally and externally, in order to place the right person in the right job. To accomplish this we start with the development of management’s ability to attract, train, retain, and improve the performance of all employees, which in turn reduces turnover. It will also help grow the company by creating consistency with customer service.

The Process

Phase I

  • Assessment
    • An on-site assessment is conducted to better understand the specific responsibilities and skills required to fulfill the management and employee job descriptions. The levels of performance of the existing workforce are also reviewed.
  • Job Descriptions
    • A written job description for each position is created or modified, based on an organizational assessment, and focuses on the results needed for a particular position.
  • High Performers
    • Existing high performing employees are identified in terms of matching the standards of the job description. Each one of these employees is then surveyed with a questionnaire called a ProScan. This survey identifies the behavior traits of each individual in order to match them to a job model.
  • Job Model
    • A job model for entry-level employees, as well as for managers. Created utilizing the organization’s current job model, a Brink Results industry job model, a ProScan survey for existing high performing people in each position, and a Job Dynamics Analysis.
      • Job Dynamics Analysis is based on the assessment of top management, the experience of Brink Results’ consultants, and a large data base of industry information.

Phase II

Creating the Ads

Based on the job models developed, advertisements are created with words and phrases that will attract the right candidates for each job description.

The distribution of the ad will be done using, but not limited to, the following media outlets:

  • Online job search engines
  • Local website
  • Local newspaper
  • Local employment office

Phase III

Recruiting Training Program

A one-day training program is conducted for all of the top management on how to utilize the new job model in the recruiting and interviewing process.

This program consists of, but is not limited to, training in the following areas:

  • Screening process
  • Phone calls
  • Conducting interviews

Recruiting Occurs

After training, the recruiting process occurs and candidates are matched to the job model.


  • Results are closely monitored over the next 90 days regarding the people hired. The job model is then confirmed, or it is modified, based on the performance of the new hires.