Brink Results has developed a series of team development workshops designed to improve communication and enhance team development. As a leader in business consulting, Brink Results understands the challenges commonly faced in today’s workplace. Each workshop has been expertly designed to provide your organization with additional knowledge and skills to help build a strong foundation for your business.

Essential Communication Skills Workshop

Are miscommunications jeopardizing your bottom line? In this workshop, participants will gain awareness of their own communication styles, as well as those of their coworkers, through a basic introduction to behavior. ProScan®, a quick and reliable survey tool, will be used to identify each individual’s motivators, stressors, communication styles, and leadership skills. The results of this workshop will improve internal and external departmental communications along with increased productivity.

Coaching for Improved Performance Workshop

Are your managers motivating? This workshop is designed to help those in key management roles to perform their jobs more effectively. Training will include processes for solving operational challenges faced by every organization. Managers will gain new tools for their management toolbox through this interactive workshop, which uses role-playing to promote problem-solving. The results of this workshop will be improved communication and productivity toward achieving your organization’s goals and objectives.

Team Impact Workshop

How effective is your team at working toward a common goal? Since poor communication leads to costly misunderstandings, team leaders need to understand how their own behaviors, decision-making skills, and communication styles impact other members of the team. Through this workshop, each member of the team will gain a deeper self-awareness, as well as increased understanding of how to communicate more effectively with others. The results will be fewer misunderstandings and increased cooperation toward achieving your organizational objectives.

Sales Process for Champions Workshop

Why are some customers so difficult? This workshop teaches employees with sales responsibilities how to leverage their own behaviors to improve customer relationships. Sales employees will gain a deeper understanding of behavioral styles so they can more easily identify what motivates — or discourages — a particular client. The focus is on listening skills. In this workshop, your sales team will learn how to read body language, identify email and phone communication styles, and analyze buying habits based on behavior. The results will be increased closing rates and higher average sales.

Leading & Motivating People

What is the difference between managing and leading? This workshop is designed to help managers at all levels of your organization understand their roles as leaders. Every member of the team can be a leader, motivating others toward corporate goals. In this workshop, team managers will gain an understanding of their own leadership styles and learn how to inspire others. Understanding what each person values is the first step to increasing productivity. The result of this workshop will be improved leadership at all levels of your organization.